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ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Review Class (CF)


     Pass Basic Math test at least 30 days prior to enrolled class date.

Review Course Description:

     This offers a person a one-day review class and the written and performance exams without attending the class.

Dates and Locations:

     November 6-7, 2013 – Salina

     January 22-23, 2014 – Salina

     February 26-27, 2014 – Salina

     March 26-27, 2014 – Salina

     April 16-17, 2014 - Salina       

Review Class Start Time:

     All days: 8 a.m.

Review Class Cost:

     $430 (Fee includes workbook. The workbook will be mailed to the test-only student at the address on the registration form.)

You Must Bring:

     ACI Concrete Field Book mailed to you.

Testing Information:

Exam: This course requires a written and a performance exam.

Score: A score of 60% on each portion of the written exam plus a 70% overall score is required to pass. Failure on any part of the written exam requires a full retest. Failure on any performance sub test requires retest on the entire performance exam.

Re-takes: Anyone needing to re-take the written and/or performance exams will be notified by mail from the CIT office with the re-take dates available. Re-takes are given on a testing day and must be taken within one year of the original test date.