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CMS Comprehensive Class (CMC)


Pass Basic Inspection at least 30 days prior to enrolled class date.

Course Description:

This course introduces inspectors to the Construction Management System (CMS). It focuses on entry of data gathered in the field such as material tests and contract administration information and covers how to create pay estimates, change orders and finalize contracts. The course changes based on the previous construction season.

Must Submit With Registration

     DT #

Learning Objectives:

     Review field books and contract and material reports.

     Load laptop with contract information

     Enter diary information and field documentation

     Transfer data from laptop to be given to area personnel

     Backup laptop, restore data to laptop, reset transfer flags

     Learn how to apply the latest release of CMS

     Synchronize laptop data with data on the mainframe.

     Enter and delete material test sample information.

     Troubleshooting data transfer including PC updates.

     Entry and troubleshooting change orders.

     Generating and troubleshooting pay estimates.

     Enter subcontractor requests and stored materials.

     Contract finalization and pre-construction notes.

     Improving materials contract final and deviation report.

     Administering contract/material reports

     General troubleshooting

You Must Bring:

Laptop with the most recent version of CMS already installed. If you come to class without a laptop or you bring a laptop that does not have CMS already installed, you will be sent home.





Dates and Locations:

     January 21-24, 2014 – Topeka KDOT District One Conference Room

     February 3-6, 2014 – Salina KDOT District One Conference Room

Class Start Time:

First day: 1 p.m.

All other days: 8:30 a.m.

Testing Information:

     Exam: This course requires a written exam.

     Score: A score of 70% or higher is needed to pass.