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Nuclear Gauge (NUC)

Certification Methods

The CIT Program provides three methods for obtaining certification:

1. Register for the “Nuclear Gauge Certification Course” and pass the written and performance exams.

2. Register for the “Nuclear Gauge Test-Only” and pass the written and performance exams.

3. Register for the “Nuclear Gauge Re-Certification Exam,” and pass the written exam. This is only available to individuals who are renewing their certification, who have been witnessed in the last 2 years, and who can provide a DTMT295 record.


     Provide Radiation Safety Training Certificate.

Course Description:

The Nuclear Gauge Certification course will provide information on the different KT Methods that require the nuclear gauge. Topics covered include: Test KT-32, 36, 38, 41, 51 and Standard Counts.


     Workbook included in course fee



Dates and Locations:

     November 25-26, 2013 – K-State Salina Construction Lab

     February 11-12, 2014 – Topeka KDOT District One Conference Rm.

     March 25-26, 2014 - Topeka KDOT, District One Conference Rm.

     April 22-23, 2014 – Topeka KDOT District One Conference Rm.

Include With Registration:

     Radiation Safety Training Certificate

Class Start Time:

     Both days: 9 a.m.

You Must Bring:           


     Ruler or Straightedge

     Nuclear Gauge Dosimetry Badge

     Nuclear Gauge Meter (1 for every 2 people from a company)

Testing Information:

Exam: This course requires a written exam and a performance exam which are given on the last day.

Score: A score of 70% or higher is needed to on the written exam requires a full retest. If three or less performance sub tests are failed, only the sub test failed must be retaken. If four or more sub tests are failed, all performance sub tests must be retaken.

Re-takes: Anyone needing to re-take the written and/or performance exams will be notified by mail from the CIT office with the re-take dates available.

Re-takes must be taken within one year of the original test date. Written re-take fee: $32. Performance Re-take fee: $32