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Profilograph Operator (PO)


Pass Basic Math test at least 30 days prior to enrolled class date.

Course Objective:

The Kansas Department of Transportation requires this course for persons operating manual and computerized profilographs on roadway surfaces.

Learning Objectives:

     Determine the smoothness of a pavement using a profilograph.

     Examine a California-type profilograph.

     Study a sample profile of a highway.

     Evaluate the smoothness of a pavement using a bump template and blanking band.

     Determine whether corrective methods must be taken.

     Study the schedule for adjusted payment.

     Reduce a trace to discover bump/dip locations.

     Learn to use DOT form 242m Report of pavement smoothness.

     Examine DOT form 242C Adjustment for pavement trueness.


     Workbook included in course fee



Dates and Locations:

     January 6, 2014 – K-State Salina Construction Lab

     April 21, 2014 – Topeka KDOT District One Conference Rm.

You Must Bring:           


     Ball point pen (medium pen with red ink)



Class Start Time:

     10 a.m.

Testing Information:

Exam: This course requires a written exam and a performance exam.

Score: A score of 70% or higher is needed to pass.

Re-takes: Anyone needing to re-take the written and/or performance exams will be notified by mail from the CIT office.

Re-takes must be taken within one year of the original test date. Written re-take fee: $32. Performance Re-take fee: $32