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Technology in Your Course

Most of our courses require use of technology and media. Course delivery may include the use of K-State Online, streaming video, listservs, teleconferences and message boards.

K-State Online

K-State Online is a comprehensive, easy-to-use web-based learning management system that transforms the everyday classroom into interactive web sessions for the K-State community.

K-State Online offers to students simple yet powerful ways to:

  • View course lectures and materials.
  • Download files provided by the instructor.
  • Upload documents and assignments in various media formats.
  • Participate in chat rooms with a white board and message boards.
  • Be a part of a student group within your particular class.
  • View your grades and progress reports.
  • Communicate with your instructor via email.

Take the K-State Online Readiness Test

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Readiness Test" at the right of the page.
  3. Click on "Begin" to start the check of your computer.
  4. The Online Wizard will guide you through the process. This check will make sure your computer has the appropriate software needed to access K-State Online components.
  5. When you have completed the test, the Online Wizard should inform you that the tests were successful.
  6. For additional software see the downloads section of

Note: If you already have a current version of any of these programs installed, you do not need to install them again. Not all software is required for all courses. However, having all the software in the test will ensure you have what you need.

If the wizard finds you are missing software you will see a link to download and install. When you are done installing the software, close the window to return to the test.

K-State IT Help Desk

The K-State IT Help Desk is there to assist you with questions regarding the technology used for your course.

K-State IT Help Desk
Phone: 785-532-7722 or toll free 1-800-865-6143

Computer Requirements

Before beginning your course, please review the computer and technical requirements.

Your course may use the following features for course delivery. You will get further instruction from your instructor if these methods are being used for your course.

Streaming Video

Many courses use streaming video to access course lectures. Streaming video requires high speed internet capabilities. We recommend a minimum download speed of 3Mbps to 4Mbps. Faster access will enhance your experience with course videos. If you are experiencing problems with streaming video freezing and buffering, run the video connectivity test at the following web site:


This feature allows communication online in real time by using text chat, voice over IP and video. The audio portion requires a microphone and speakers to participate. The video portion requires a webcam to participate. You are responsible for obtaining the proper equipment. You will see the Wimba link located within the course in K-State Online.


This feature allows communcation by phone for course discussions. If your instructor has chosen to use teleconferences you will receive dates, a call-in number and a PIN code to enter.

Message Boards

A message board is a web-based bulletin board where messages can be posted. You will see the message board link located within the course in K-State Online.

K-State Libraries

Assists students with library resources and access to online databases and electronic journal collections, as well as providing book and article delivery service.

Computer Security

For information about protecting yourself and your computer.


Students should be sure to use proper "Netiquette" when communicating through email, chat rooms, message boards, and other methods of online communication.