Benefits of Pre-College and Concurrent Credit

  1. Provides students with choice options and gives flexibility by expanding options for students who are university bound.
  2. Allows students to graduate with a college degree in a more timely manner, which allows them to enter the workforce earlier. 
  3. The special rate provided to high school students allows students to complete courses at a fraction of the cost of normal university tuition rates. 
  4. Taking initial courses while in high school allows for a better transition, as the students have their high school counselor, the university, and parent/guardians as support.
  5. Rigorous courses can provide challenge to a student who is ready to advance their knowledge and discourages them from taking the "easy" electives.

In a study conducted by the Community College Research Center at Columbia University it was found that pre-college or concurrent credit enrollment was positively linked to:

  • Students' likelihood of earning a high school diploma
  • College enrollment and full-time college enrollment
  • Persistence to the second semester of college
  • A higher GPA one year after high school graduation
  • Persistence in college two years after high school graduation
  • More credits earned three years after high school graduation.