K-State Salina
2310 Centennial Road
Salina, KS 67401-8196

Dean's Staff

Kansas State University Salina
2310 Centennial Road
Salina, Kansas 67401

Dr. Verna Fitzsimmons
CEO and Dean
Phone: 785-826-2601
Email: vfitzsimmons@k-state.edu

David Delker
Associate Dean of Academic
Phone: 785-826-2601
Email: ddelker@k-state.edu
Dixie Schierlman
Associate Dean of Student Life
Phone: 785-826-2643
Email: dixies@k-state.edu
Dr. Alysia Starkey
Assistant Dean of Continuous Improvement
Phone: 785-826-2601
Email: astarkey@k-state.edu
Eric Cole
Executive Assistant to the CEO/Dean
Phone: 785-826-2601
Email: ecole@k-state.edu