Prepare for your Session

Tutors are mentors.  They can assist you in learning how to think and problem solve in the context of a specific discipline. 

  1. Review and attempt to understand course material for the relevant week.

  2. Attempt ALL homework problems.  Complete what you can do on your own.

  3. Determine what you understand and what you do not understand.

  4. Prepare questions for your tutor.  Identify aspects of the course material that you want to work on with your tutor.

It is appropriate to ask your tutor to:

  1. Help you determine your strengths and weaknesses in the subject/course you are being tutored.

  2. Review the course syllabus with you.

  3. Explain difficult concepts to you.

  4. Assist you in applying concepts.

  5. Direct you to other academic resources when appropriate.

It is NOT appropriate to ask your tutor to:

  1. Do your homework for you.

  2. Help you complete your homework “on time.”

  3. Explain course material that you have not attempted to learn or understand on your own prior to the tutoring session.

  4. Tell you what is going to be on an exam.

  5. Predict your grade on an exam or in a course.